2018 Annual Report

Engaging students in projects in the community models a learning process that will be useful to them as citizens, and knowledge acquired through repeated involvement in complex situations increases the likelihood that this knowledge will be used (Bransford & Vye, 1989 in Eyler, 2002). Gap’s Mission: The Gap Experience is a semester-long, experiential based service-learning […]

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2/1:Reflection to Action

Happy February! It is a particularly blustery and cold day here in De Pere, Wisconsin. It seems Guatemala is calling us back, tempting us with its mild temperatures and sunny days. As the calendar turns to a new month, our time spent exploring Mayan ruins, sipping fresh Guatemalan coffee or riding on an over-crowded chicken […]

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12/5: Out with a BANG!

It has been another action packed week full of learning, widening our perspectives, and pushing our comfort zones. For many of us, the most tangibly beautiful and challenging experience of the week was hiking up Volcan Acatenango. Acatenango is one of the handful of volcanos that towers above Antigua, so we’ve spent the past month […]

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11/27: Making Connections

Another week has flown by and we’ve found our groove in Guatemala. The mornings have been chilly and each day we wake along with our neighbors in San Miguel Escobar to a unique cacophony. First the roosters crow, beginning sometime around a quarter ’til 5. Then the dogs begin to howl. Called “chuchos” in Guatemala, […]

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11/19: Engaging with the community and learning from the past

It’s been another learning and adventure packed week! In our class, “Colonialism, Cultural Imperialism and Hegemony in Central America”, we’ve been studying how a long period of civil unrest leading eventually to a civil war has changed the political and socioeconomic environment here in Guatemala. This week we’ve had the chance to meet with, learn […]

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11/5: Safe Arrival in Guatemala

Hello families and friends! It has been our longest travel day yet but we have finally arrived at De La Gente in San Miguel Escobar where we’ll be spending the next week learning and living alongside one another. We were welcomed with a delicious lunch spread, went over some house expectations, and are now relaxing […]

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