Volcán de Fuego Eruption Update

In the early hours of this morning (Monday the 19th) Conred (the Guatemalan governmental agency responsible for coordinating disaster response) issued a red alert for Volcán de Fuego and began to evacuate some of the communities on the volcano’s southern slopes. Although Volcán de Fuego is in the same valley as us we are on its north side, not on its slopes, and not in any danger. The Guatemalan leg of the GAP Experience is based out of the farming community of San Miguel Escobar which is across the valley from Volcán de Fuego. We are not in the evacuation or advisory area and are not in any danger because of the ongoing eruption.

From our rooftops we’ve been treated to an awe-inspiring show of the earth’s power and raw beauty. Its mesmerizing to look out across our sleepy valley and watch fire spout into the sky on a distant mountaintop.

Our thoughts are with those that are directly affected by the eruption and we hope that they will be able to return to their homes soon. On the ground we will continue to monitor the situation and listen to the government’s advice if the situation changes.

Our view of Fuego this morning