Anxiously Awaiting the Return of our 2018 Gap Students!

We are in the homestretch! The Gap office is anxiously awaiting the return of our 2018 Gap Students to campus as we are positive is the case for all our Gap supporters, family and friends!

A 23-day expedition is often harder for those who aren’t able to experience it alongside the students. We want to assure all of you who are counting the days, the hours and the minutes that the time our students spend exploring the wilderness both of their physical environment and the wilderness within themselves is precious. It is a time of great discovery that simply cannot be replicated in an urban environment. Soon they will return to campus and will be able to share details of their expedition with us. (We expect them to arrive by dinner time next Wednesday, September 19.) So until then we are sharing more photos from our group backpacking trip. You can read more at: Out of the Woods and into the Water.

Voyageur Outward Bound School provides the backdrop against which today’s college students can safely and successfully learn how to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. In an increasingly sterilized or modified virtual reality, most young people lack the confidence, social skills, and mindset for how to interact with each other, let along the biophysical world. Through direct and immediate experiential education, students learn an array of technical outdoor skills, expert communication techniques, and positive group dynamics/team leadership strategies, which will invariably serve them as they continue on through college…-Dr. Laura Fredrickson, Director of the Gap Experience Program

We also encourage supporters to read more about our 5 year partnership with Voyageur Outward Bound School. We are proud of the program we have built in collaboration with the team at VOBS and are confident all our students are set up for success as a result.

and now… PICTURES!

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  1. Thank you for the update and photos! The countdown has begun at our house. What an incredible adventure.

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