We’re off!

After months of planning and preparation our journey has begun. Meeting early in the morning previous GAP students, the college President, and many others joined in the parking lot to send us off on our adventure. They encouraged us to venture deep into our own hearts as we explored the world around us and made sure that we knew St. Norbert would always be our home. To make our journey more comfortable and remind us of the community standing behind us President Bruess bestowed upon us some of his own camping equipment.

Our long day of travel took us Northwest through rural Wisconsin to the shores of Lake Superior. As the air cooled and the trees grew taller we connected over music, snacks, and roadside yoga sessions. We stopped on Duluth’s waterfront to stretch our legs and wander before heading inland towards Ely, MN.

The highlight of our day was arriving at the Voyageur Outward Bound base (called Homeplace) and being welcomed in to their community for delicious pizza. Our instructors helped us sort our equipment and once packed we retired for some much needed rest. In a few hours we depart for the Superior Hiking Trail for a week of backpacking and community building. Wish us luck as we take out first steps Outward Bound!

One thought on “We’re off!

  1. And the grand adventure has begun!! Embrace the guiding mantra, “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable”. It will serve you all well as you head into the woods and well beyond… Good luck, see you in a week!
    Dr. Laura

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