8/29: Outward Bound

Outward Bound, founded in 1941, was named for the International Code Flag that flies on ships leaving port. The name represents leaving the familiar and comfortable and committing onesself to the spoils and toils of the journey unknown.

This morning our Gap Crew met early in the now familiar harbor of St. Norbert’s campus for a symbolic send-off from former program participants and campus clergy – our bearings pointed north and west.

On the road we bonded over similar tastes in music and snacks, taking in the peaceful sights of the rural Midwest while sharing laughs and taking naps.

After a quick lunch stop in Duluth and a wander about the waterfront we continued further north until finally settling near Ely – our OB home base called Home Place.

Here we got to know our guides (they’re AWESOME!), ate some homemade pizza that tasted too good to originate in such wilderness, and prepared our personal gear for the journey. Now we know how to properly don and stow our rain suits, the appropriate time to use our whistles, and how few things we really need to survive (and thrive) over the next few weeks.

We’ll be here in Home Place again tomorrow continuing preparations for our journey before we’re off deeper into the wilderness on Thursday. Until next time, headlamps out!

One thought on “8/29: Outward Bound

  1. Great start to an awesome adventure. Looking forward to hearing more of your journey.

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